An economic analyst is suing the government for borrowing vast sums of money based on his birth. “Why are the public paying tax when the government borrow £250’000’000 for every child born”

“When you parents registered your birth, a legal entity was created. This entity has a name that sounds and looks like yours, but it is not the same thing. This is the LEGAL NAME and it appears on the birth certificate, ID, passports and commercial documents. You are not this legal name, and you do not own this legal name. When your parents registered your birth, they unknowingly gave ownership of this name (and your body) to the Crown Corporation; known as an “ACT”

“Thus, all legal names are owned by the Crown, and using a legal name without their permission is fraud. All bodies attached to a legal name are also owned by the Crown; in other words, when you claim a legal name you are consenting to be property by the Crown.”

“The gypsy community have known of this for a long time and so do not accept birth certificate registration; This is why the government have no right over their children and how they travel and have since been demonised by the government to the public because of this.”

This is a very serious matter concerning every person and as this was not consented to with comprehension of its underlining objective, the contract is unlawful and is now being taken up in court. The Act of law which came into place in 1933 is now being looked at as archaic and not in line with current law regarding human rights.

More on this story as its followed.


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