A new report by Amnesty International exposes the Syrian government’s calculated campaign of extrajudicial executions by mass hangings at Saydnaya Prison.

Thousands of Syrian civilians being held in a military prison have been tortured, raped and starved before being led to a “slaughterhouse” and hanged en-masse only moments after being condemned to death.

Insiders have revealed that twice a week up to 50 inmates are led away from their cramped and disease-ridden cells at Saydnaya Military Prison, around 30km north of Damascus, before being killed within earshot of the remaining prisoners for opposing the Syrian government.

Former inmates said many wish for death or lose their minds after enduring months or years of torture, sexual abuse and severe beatings which are “designed to inflict maximal physical and psychological suffering”, Amnesty International reported.

Up to 13,000 people, the majority civilians, are believed to have been hanged in the barbaric “slaughterhouse” after being tried at a “sham court” and condemned to death for speaking out against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Amnesty International, a group banned from entering Syria, interviewed inmates, prison guards, judges, doctors and lawyers to uncover the horrific violations of human rights carried out at the prison “in the utmost secrecy”.


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