Russian and French embassy have been using nano-technology; implanting military grade devices into the ears of the public without their knowledge

Military grade nano-technology devices have been found in individuals coming forward with hearing problems which has been traced back to the collusion between Russian and French Embassy officials in over 100 countries.

The devices are particle based and begin to construct themselves in the ear after contact with water. Nanotech is simply the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale.

Being used as radio controlled listening devices and to send sound to the the ear; the spyware has been also found to be used in connection with propaganda plots to trick the  victims into a range of ordeals with links to suicides and current terrorist plots within their own countries.

Researchers remotely control worms using magnetic nanoparticles; “These days its a very simple process, but the government have a responsibility to safeguard the public.”

The French government has refused to comment on the national security threat and are looking for ex embassy staff members hiding in French locations such as Paris, Tarn and Argeles. The British Government said; They are looking into the matter.

More on this story follows.


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