BERLIN, Feb 11 (Reuters) – European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said he fears Britain will divide the European Union’s 27 remaining members by making different promises to each country during its Brexit negotiations.

The statement President Juncker made is hardly surprising due to the current mentality within ranks inside and outside of the EU; But it still remains to be seen whether the ability to trade with any of the 27 members is viable unless within the single market.

Unless the EU is willing to trade with the UK on the single market after Brexit; It would be seen to be untenable as a trading platform as a whole.

What remains to be seen are the terms in which the EU and UK can trade after Brexit; Will it be fair agreement in good faith or will it be a negotiaters nightmare.

“Now everyone is saying in relation to Trump and Brexit: ‘Now is Europe’s big chance. Now is the time to close ranks and march together,'” Juncker said in the radio interview which will be aired on Sunday.

“I wish it will be like this, but will it happen? I have some doubt. Because the Brits will manage without big effort to divide the remaining 27 member states.”

His warning echoed remarks by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at an EU summit in Bratislava last year aimed at finding a way forward after Britain’s vote to leave, that the bloc is in a critical situation.


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