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This morning; Facebook users reported that they were unable to access their news feed on the social media site. The majority of complaints appeared to originate in the UK and Europe, although others reported issues in Australia. It follows similar Facebook outages, which have seen the site go down eight times in the past year. After experiencing 3 hours of issues, the problem has now been resolved and Facebook appears to be working normally.

According to Down Detector, which tracks major network outages, the problems started at around 9am GMT

It is believed over 1,000 complaints were made and almost half of the issues reported were said to be a total blackout, while 36 per cent reported problems logging in, and 20 per cent reported issues with the app, particularly news feeds

Facebook is yet to mention the outage on any of its social media pages, or respond to the many complaints from people about the issue. This isn’t the first time it has left users unable to ‘like’ or post and many ‘Facebookers’ rarely other’s wall posts due to advertising glitches and filtering problems. With a similar glitch in January of last year; Its time Facebook re-evaluating its standards instead of staring at the bottom line.

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide were unable to use Facebook and Instagram for around an hour.

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