Mike Lofgren speaks out about the ‘Trump Administration’ and its dangerous game with the Deep State

The US concerns over the existence of “Deep State”have gained attention across the world and Trump’s administration has struggled to control its own bureaucracy in the face of leaks.

The Deep State is now overriding democratic process to determine policies, meaning that the two-party system has been reducing in function from administration to administration.

The American public is slowly coming to terms  with this and Trump election is partly the result of people thinking the previous line of Obama’s administration was incompetent. Trump’s not a politician, but people think he will shake things up.

It was known that President Obama allowed himself to be mouse trapped by his advisers so Trump appointed a new administration to side step having the similar foreign policies and gain ground on the Deep State affair which they suspected was exerting influence and control over public and foreign policy.

With more billionaires than any previous US government in history, and military insiders who have faced fighting ‘dirty wars’ in Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa; its hard to make sense of the Trump regime or which interests it represents. War within the corridors of American power seem to be the projected target, more than the Deep State establishment itself.

Lofgren spoke about the Donald Trump administration and its dangerous relationship with the American Deep State .

Even though there appears to be this conflict between Trump and the Deep State, the primary concern floating around Washington is that he threatens to give the whole game away.

Lofgren; the former Republican Congressional spent 28 years as a Congressional staff member, holding a high level national security clearance as a senior analyst for the House and Senate budget committees.

His position gave him a first-hand insider’s perspective on a wide range of US government policies, from the bank bailouts, to Pentagon spending and the botched disaster relief after Hurricane Katrina.

Lofgren’s chief contention is that the US political system has become, for all intents and purposes, a confusion of different administrations pursuing policies that remain constrained to contracts with private defence firms, giant corporations and global banks.

Lofgren saw first hand that there were forces of influence “in the state and outside the CIA that push these things to fruition.” . So even with the manoeuvring of foreign policy, its hard to see where change will come.

For Lofgren, the Deep State is not just the national security apparatus. It also includes Wall Street and other interlocking agents of influence such as the NSA and CIA who provide seed-funding for a lot of what Silicon Valley has done for decades.

Money has so dominated the system with Max Weber calling it the ‘iron cage of bureaucracy.’

Breitbart News, have attempted to paint the new president as a man at war with the Deep State, bravely taking on the establishment with a view to slaying the corrosive authority of ‘secret government’ represented by the existing national security apparatus.

Trump and Flynn are up against this terrible octopus  but their actions show if anything that they’re reinforcing it.


The very big complex society of the United States has began to seem practically ungovernable, but not because of any political or sociological peculiarities about the country, but because of a structural incompetence made apparent through mistakes in law and contract  .

Trump  is saying ‘we need to change the way we do things’. And actually the rest of the Deep State is really upset about it, and saying ‘but why are you giving the game away’?

Billionaire cabinet picks for the economy and increased military spending aren’t seemingly  opposed to the Deep State so where is Trump going to find the key?

Lofgren said, “He’s mobilizing opposition by various groups in this country, people who have not been politically active. Now I’m not going to predict what will happen. Activity isn’t the same as result. So we’ll have to see.”

Trump is not outside the Deep State, and those behind him have always been products of various adjuncts of the system, forming specific, but not necessarily very coherent coalitions and now they are at loggerheads with other.

Conversely, those coalitions are particularly upset not because they morally oppose Trump’s policies, but because they believe his approach is ‘giving the game away’ and endangering the entire Deep State system and structure.

Trump clearly situates himself on the right, but at the same time he’s even alienating traditional conservatives. We saw that with the downfall of Milo Yiannopoulos.

“I think there was a valid critique of free trade. But what he’s doing could really throw the economy into a tailspin.” said Lofgren.

Is Trump really standing up to corporate power?  What will be the impact of his policies on workers’ rights be?


People realise though that they do have power. A reason that the Deep State has gained ground, is that election participation rates in the United States are among the lowest in western democracies.

“The Age of Trump is seeing a great awakening take place in which people with no previous interest in politics are seeing that something is deeply wrong. Here lies the opportunity to educate and train ourselves to create change.”

“Civil society has the opportunity to develop new strategies, cross-partisan coalitions and exploration spaces to disrupt the existing two-party structure, and either compel it to transform for the better, or be replaced by something coherent.”

Unless the current structure can find a balance playing field throughout by justified law intelligible to the people, its going to face the public whip.


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