As robot war become a drama for UK politics; France logs off on electronic submissions
Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), part of the GCHQ agency, said it had written to the leaders of political parties offering to help strengthen their network security.

“Attacks against our democratic processes go beyond political parties and can include attacks on parliament, constituency offices.”

The NCSC has written to parties on the matter; with foreign minister Boris Johnson saying:

“We have no evidence that the Russians are actually involved in trying to undermine our democratic processes at the moment.”

“But what we do have is plenty of evidence that the Russians are capable of doing that. And there is no doubt that they´ve been up to all sorts of dirty tricks.”

A British intelligence agency has told political parties to protect themselves against potential cyber attacks, citing allegations that Russian hackers tried to influence last year’s U.S. presidential election.

U.S. intelligence agencies concluded last year that Russia hacked and leaked Democratic Party emails as part of an effort to tilt the presidential election vote in favour of Donald Trump, something Russia denies.

The French government this month dropped plans to let its citizens abroad vote electronically in legislative elections in June because of concern about the risk of cyber attacks.

Reporting by William James; Editing by Robin Pomeroy



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